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"Ultra Durable Energy Saving Coating Keep you cool for longer"

Fig.1: “Air conditioning by coating” - the infrared reflective function of ZEFFLE IR Coating Click to enlarge

Strength of ZEFFLE IR Coating
There are many types of infrared reflective coating materials in the world; however, most of them are easily damaged at outside exposure due to various atmospheric factors such as heat, ultraviolet rays, moisture, etc. As a result, existing coatings require frequent repainting in order to provide sufficient solar reflectance & durability.
For that reason, Daikin Industries has produced ZEFFLE IR Coating to achieve ultra-high solar reflectance and outstanding longevity with one-time-application.

What is ZEFFLE IR Coating?
ZEFFLE IR Coating is a ready-to-use paint which combines ZEFFLE, an ultra-durable fluorinated resin for on-site applications, with special IR reflective pigments.
ZEFFLE has proven weatherability (UV durability and resistance to environmental attack) of 20 to 25 years and low soiling. This compares to typical lifetimes of 2-10 years for general-purpose paints. This revolutionary technology recently won the Lloyd’s List award in the Energy category.

How does ZEFFLE IR Coating work?
ZEFFLE IR Coating paint is based on TFE, which is used for non-stick pans, and it is more resistant to soiling than any other fluoropolymer paint, thus maintaining a high level of solar reflectance for longer than other coatings.
The IR reflective pigments selected block 90% of the sun’s radiant heat. Advantages of ZEFFLE IR Coating are shown here.

ZEFFLE IR Coating is available in water or solvent-borne formulas depending on the substrate. The most popular colour of ZEFFLE IR Coating is white, but other colours are also available.

As part of customer services, software has been developed by Daikin Industries to simulate the benefits of ZEFFLE IR Coating for the real application on buildings or other structures.

What are the benefits of ZEFFLE IR Coating?
Excellent weather resistance is found in fluoropolymer base coatings. Even when exposed to wind and rain, the paint film maintains its beautiful exterior appearance for many years with no degradation. This is not only important for cosmetic reasons; as the coating remains intact, it also continues to protect the substrate and to efficiently reflect IR rays for much longer than conventional coatings. General performance is shown here.
Longer durability also reduces cost over the lifetime of the paint as the coating does not have to be replaced as often as conventional coatings. ZEFFLE IR Coating adds values to your factory / tank / boat / etc.operation as shown here.
ZEFFLE IR Coating has been developed by Daikin Industries as a long term measure to reduce the energy consumption of A/C systems and/or to improve the comfort by passive cooling and/or reduce evaporation in oil, gas and chemical tank, etc.
ZEFFLE application examples are shown here.

Fig. 2: Verification on Infrared Reflective effect
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