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Energy Storage

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Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries (LIB) and Electric Double Layer Capacitors (EDLCs)

Daikin Industries is expanding its position in the energy storage market with the introduction of high performance fluorinated electrolyte solutions for lithium ion batteries and for electric double layer capacitors (EDLCs) or ultracapacitors. Daikin Industries has developed a unique VDF/TFE copolymer which is superior to PVDF when used as a binder for next generation battery systems. The result is the ability to achieve higher voltages, energy densities, and power densities.

Daikin provides fluoropolymer binder and fluorinated electrolytes.

In addition to electrolyte solutions, Daikin Industries is also introducing unique fluorinated electrode binder materials for use in lithium ion batteries and ultracapacitors. Electric double layer capacitors, often called ultracapacitors or supercapacitors, have higher power density than batteries but much less energy density. Achieving higher voltage with these devices through the use of Daikin fluorinated electrolyte is critical to their future growth because of the energy density increases that can be achieved.

Product Uses

Utilizing Daikin Industries patented fluorinated chemistries, electrolytes enhanced with fluorinated additives will meet the increased need for higher voltages, higher energy densities, higher power densities, increased life cycle, improved safety, and lower cost battery and ultracapacitor systems in next generation lithium ion batteries and ultracapacitors.

Performance Benefits

Lithium Ion Battery  
  Fluoropolymer Binder
High Power Density
Improved Chemical Resistance & Endurance

Fluorinated Electrolyte
Higher voltage
Higher capacity retention
Improved Safety
EDLC (ultracapacitors)  
Increased voltage
High temperature endurance
Film capacitor  
  High Dielectric Constant (Dk) Film
Increased Power and Storage Capacity
Smaller Size


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