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PTFE DispersionsDaikin Chemical Europe is a supplier of high performance fluorochemical products and was established in 1992 as a subsidiary of Daikin Industries.

For more than 80 years, Daikin Industries has been involved in the research and production of fluorochemicals, and is one of the world's foremost manufacturers of fluorochemical products today. Our commitment has always been to meet our customers' existing and future needs; and our experienced service and support provides precise technical service tailored to a customer's specific requirements.

Daikin Industries' unique expertise is essential to a variety of industrial fields: With world-class technology, Daikin offers a wide range of high quality products with applications in automobiles, consumer cookware, wire and cable, textile and fabric treatment, paper and packaging, optics and displays, coatings and more.

Daikin Industries actively engages in the development of new materials to face the needs of our time. This especially includes products and applications to protect the environment:

ZEFFLE IR Coating, a heat shielding coating for factories and buildings that helps save energy by lessening the rise in indoor temperatures;

fluorinated electrolyte solutions that increase the performance of lithium ion batteries, accelerating their adoption in electric cars;

and heat resistant and long lasting fluoroplastics and fluoroelastomers used in engines and fuel systems to prevent fuel leakage, a cause of air pollution.

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Daikin launches low-cost, low-GWP, A1 refrigerant R407H. For more information:R407H at daikinchem.de

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