Anti-Fingerprint technology OPTOOL

Daikin’s OPTOOL product line creates smooth surfaces with smudge resistance, easy-to-clean properties and anti-fingerprint properties.

OPTOOL is a fluoropolymer containing functional groups that form strong bonds with the treated substrate, providing the highest surface protection with an extremely thin coating. It reduces fingerprinting on smartphone front and back sides, on eyeglasses, touch displays of navigation systems, high-gloss (e.g. piano black) surfaces in car interiors, and any other glass or plastic surface. OPTOOL creates a finish with very low surface energy on substrates, resulting in extremely hydrophobic and oleophobic surfaces. It also improves the haptic sensation of a treated surface by giving it a satisfyingly smooth feeling.


Features of OPTOOL

OPTOOL provides to treated surfaces:

  • Excellent water & oil repellency
  • Easy-to-clean properties
  • Lubricity & smooth touch
  • No change in optical properties
  • Thin film thickness
  • Low friction
  • High abrasion resistance

The OPTOOL portfolio

OPTOOL is a Daikin brand and product line that is derived from PFPE (perfluoropolyether) containing different functional groups that allow for covalent bonding of the fluoropolymer directly to a surface. Daikin's portfolio also includes one grade, OPTOOL DAC-HP, that can bond within a functional coating matrix when used as a coating additive.

    OPTOOL market applications


    • Automotive displays
    • Optical sensor lenses and covers
    • Glazing


    • Ophthalmic lenses
    • Consumer electronics displays
    • Metallic appliances
    • Home décor (faucets and glass surfaces)
    • Glassware


    • Architectural metallic surfaces
    • Architectural glass

    Industrial and high-tech

    • Precision optics
    • Glassware

    OPTOOL Product Sheets


    Ideal for glass substrate

    OPTOOL UD120

    Ideal for applications that need extra weather resistance
    OPTOOL UD120 (PDF)

    OPTOOL UD509

    Ideal for extra surface slippery properties & durability
    OPTOOL UD509 (PDF)


    Additive for UV-Hardcoats