Comparison of clear film produced with and without Daikin PPA, one showing melt fracture

Polymer Processing Aids:

DAIKIN’s PPA product range is the solution of choice to improve the quality profile and productivity of plastics extrusion.

PPA (polymer processing aids) are additives used to improve the processing of plastics. They form a coating layer on the metallic surfaces of a production machine to lower adhesion of the processed polymer to these surfaces. This reduces shear stress in the die land and helps to reduce or even eliminate melt fracture. Different processing aids take various amounts of time to form a coating.

DAIKIN PPA eliminate melt fracture and form the coating very quickly. They also show excellent results in preventing die build up, even at very low concentrations of 100 – 500 ppm, depending on the product grade and application. DAIKIN PPA are very easy to disperse (5 -10 µ) in the resin, greatly reducing the risk for gel formation during extrusion.

Production quality benefits from using DAIKIN PPA as die line formation and haze are reduced while gloss characteristics of the product improve.

We provide full technical support to our customers. Based in our state-of-the-art PPA laboratory, our technical service team can test and analyze masterbatch or resin samples, evaluate die build up, perform comparison tests, case studies, and trial production runs.

Our products are used mainly in blown and cast film extrusion, but can also be used for pipes, sheets, blow molding, fibres and wire and cable extrusion.

DAIKIN PPA improve the extrusion of polymers such as

  • PEX
  • PP
  • PET
  • PBT
  • PA
  • and others.

DAIKIN PPA benefit product quality, productivity and production costs:

  • Quickly eliminate melt fracture
  • Eliminate die build up
  • Reduce gel formation during extrusion
  • Reduce die lines
  • Reduce die pressure
  • Reduce extrusion temperature
  • Improve gloss and reduce haze
  • Reduce waste

We supply our polymer processing aids as powder or pellets depending on the product grade, in boxes of 20kg.

DAIKIN's shear rate calculator app:

Allows you to quickly and easily determine your product’s shear rate. It can be used for a variety of plastics, in a range of extrusion methods: Blown Film Tube/Pipe Cast Film/Sheet Pellets/Fibers. The app is freely available for iOS and Android devices.