Cross section of fluoroelastomer turbo charge hose


DAI-EL: Fluoroelastomers for use in extreme high temperature, fuel contact environments

Isolated wires in a cable and microscope view of Neoflon CPT multilayer tube



Spray application of coating powder

Coating Powders

Dry powder ETFE, FEP, PFA for electrostatic spray coating, rotational lining or as additives

Inspection of refrigerant cylinders by Daikin personnel


HFC and HFC blends for domestic, commercial and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning

Pharma Propellants

HFA 227 pharma for use in medical sprays

Chemical reactor details

Fine Chemicals

Fluorinated intermediates, fluorinating agents, custom synthesis of various fluorochemicals

Unidyne XF - PFC-free Water Repellency

UNIDYNE XF: Durable PFC-free water repellent treatment for textiles and nonwovens in all applications

Closeup of water repellent properties of Unidyne

Water & Oil Repellency

UNIDYNE: water and oil repellent treatment for textiles and nonwovens

Laboratory for Daikin Unidyne Oil & Grease Barrier products for paper

Oil & Grease Barrier

UNIDYNE: high-barrier solution for oil and grease resistant paper and board packaging

Oil tank and spray appliaction of Zeffle for durable infrared reflection

Durable Infrared Reflection

ZEFFLE IR: ready-to-use fluoropolymer-based, extremely durable IR reflective paint for buildings, tanks, bridges, etc.


OPTOOL: creates smooth surfaces with smudge resistance, easy-to-clean properties and anti-fingerprint properties.

Mold and spray application of Daifree mold release agent

Mold Release

DAIFREE: easily applied, water-based fluorocarbon mold release agent for improved efficiency and secondary processing

Comparison of clear film produced with and without Daikin PPA, one showing melt fracture

Processing Aids

DAIKIN PPA: additives for improved plastics processing

Accelerated weathering test of Zeffle binders for coatings

Binders for Coatings

ZEFFLE: High performance fluoropolymer binder for use in weather and chemical resistant coatings

Oil and stain repellent properties of FTONE demonstrated on stone


FTONE: stain proofing agent for porous substrates