HFA propellants for use in medical sprays

Daikin’s HFA propellant SOLKANE™ 227 pharma is used in MDIs (metered dose inhalers), also known as pharmaceutical aerosols, in asthma sprays, nasal sprays, foam sprays, and oral and topical sprays, to propel the active ingredient which is dispersed or solubilized in the hydrofluoroalkane.

Our production site in Frankfurt, formerly of Hoechst AG, has set the standard for HFA 227 in the medical world, and is the biggest manufacturer of and market leader for HFA 227 today. It can look back on more than 25 years of experience in the manufacture and supply of the MDI propellants HFA 227 for pharmaceutical aerosols. It is considered a center of competence in this field and provides support for our customers in all technical, analytical and regulatory areas.

Production of HFA 227 adheres to the stringent good manufacturing practice guidelines and continuously updated quality standards. We carry out routine quality controls at levels of less than 1 ppm for more than 60 impurities in line with CPMP/FDA guidelines.

Daikin has filed Drug Master Files for SOLKANE™ 227 pharma in all countries for cross-reference to support drug applications containing both products.

Contact our dedicated Technical Service team for the following free-of-charge services:

  • software for calculation of all relevant pharmaceutical HFA propellant properties, e.g. temperature, pressure, density, and surface tension, for formulation development and equipment design
  • elastomers, plastics and metals compatibility values with HFA propellants from a data base
  • literature and patent research upon request
  • specifications and material safety data sheets
  • seminars and technical training on pharmaceutical HFA propellants
  • setup of pharmaceutical HFA propellant analysis, e.g. water analysis and propellant identification
  • production of adapters to connect the packaging with the filling station or other equipment
  • environmental consulting

In addition, we offer the following services with charges according to the work expenditure:

  • analytical services including water, oil, propellant and composition determination
  • independent propellant analysis
  • engineering of storage tank farms, filling and transfilling stations• reuse and disposal of propellants / final destruction of contaminated propellant• performance of solubility studies of drugs, excipients and HFA propellants
  • performance of specific compatibility studies of elastomers, plastics and metals with HFA propellants (if not yet available in the data base)
  • production of measuring devices, e.g. for the determination of the pH value• setup of specific test facilities, e. g. moisture sampling kit, determination of oxygen solubility in HFA propellants

Physical properties

  SOLKANE™ 227 pharma
Structural Formula Structure of Solkane 227 pharma
Molecular Formula C3HF7
Chemical Name 1,1,1,2,3,3,3-Heptafluoropropane
Chemical Family Fluorinated Hydrocarbon
ASHRAE* Nomenclature / Laboratory Codes HFA 227, HFA 227ea
HFC 227, HFC 227ea
R 227, R 227ea
International Nonproprietary Name (INN) Apaflurane
Brand Name: SOLKANE™ 227 pharma
HFA 227 pharma

*American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers


  Unit 10 liter packaging of Solkane Pharma 60 liter packaging of Solkane Pharma 900 liter packaging of Solkane Pharma
SOLKANETM 227 pharma kg/lb 12/26 70/154 1,050/2,314
Capacity approx. l 10 61 910
Height incl. protection cap approx. cm 100 106
Height excl. protection cap approx. cm 81 92.5
Length approx. cm 223
Diameter across beads approx. cm 14 32 86
Tare weight approx. kg 13 30 500 – 550
Test pressure bar (abs) 300 43 44


ISO Tank container