Laboratory for Daikin Unidyne Oil & Grease Barrier products for paper

Unidyne Oil & Grease Barrier for paper

DAIKIN’s Unidyne brand is the absolute high-barrier solution for oil and grease resistant paper and board packaging.

Unidyne grease barrier products are based on our patented PFOA-free1 C6 technology. Unidyne treated packaging is intended for direct food contact and it is widely used both in microwave and baking applications. Treated packaging shows a low environmental impact as the treated substrates remain fully recyclable after the barrier treatment.

1(PFOA detection limit: 5ppb)

Our products have a proven safety profile certified both by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA 21 CFR 176.170) and the German Bundesamt für Risikobewertung (BfR XXXVI).

Our high performance C6 based fluorine chemistry is technically and commercially the best performing solution for oil and grease resistant (OGR) packaging applications:

  • Compared to extrusion coating and wax applications, Unidyne treated products are recyclable after the treatment
  • Direct inline processing at paper mills on a wide variety of possible substrates
  • The treatment does not alter optic or haptic properties of the original substrate
  • Required performance level can be easily adjusted by lowering or increasing the product concentration.

Unidyne can be used directly at paper and board mills either in wet-end or on size and film press. Our chemistry achieves the required performance with extremely low concentrations of around 1% for a two-sided high barrier on paper.

Our grease barrier products

Anionic C6 grade for external sizing in neutral pH range
  • Excellent processability on size and film press
  • Wet-end application with cationic additives possible
  • Can be used in various coating applications
  • FDA food contact approval 21 CFR 176.170
  • BfR food contact recommendation XXXVI and XXXVI/2
  • PFOA-free (PFOA detection limit: 5ppb)
Anionic C6 grade for applications where increased heat resistance is needed
  • High barrier for pet food paper and in pulp molding
  • Internal and external sizing
  • FDA food contact approval 21 CFR 176.170
  • BfR food contact recommendation XXXVI
  • PFOA-free (PFOA detection limit: 5ppb)

Fluorine based grease barrier products in paper and board packaging

Compared to plastic based packaging solutions, paper and board offer a renewable and sustainable base material for all kinds of different food packaging. Untreated fibrous raw material is unsuitable for most packaging applications, so paper normally needs to be treated with various barrier coatings. These give paper either functional or barrier properties that would otherwise only be seen in plastic based packaging. In the paper industry, production of cellulose based OGR (Oil and Grease Resistant) packaging grades has traditionally been based on fluorine chemistry.

Fluorinated polymers are a high-tech solution that offer paper makers a combination of cost-efficiency and extremely high performance. The treatment normally takes place in a paper mill, making the substrate grease and oil repellent using very small concentrations of the chemicals. Using fluorinated polymers does not require new machinery, so necessary investment costs are low. At a paper mill producing specialty papers, fluorine based barrier grades are most often used either on a size press or on a film press. Both of these are simple topical application methods that treat one or both surfaces of the substrate. It is also possible to use these grades in the so-called wet-end application where the barrier chemical is mixed into the furnish before the paper is even formed on the machine.

Unidyne provides a chemical barrier that works differently from a film-forming physical barrier. No continuous film is needed on the substrate's surface; the natural repellency given by fluorine's chemical properties is enough to form an impenetrable obstacle for oil and grease. Surface properties and the original porosity of the substrate are generally not altered in any way.