Mold and spray application of Daifree mold release agent

Mold Release Agent DAIFREE

DAIKIN’s DAIFREE is a water-based fluorocarbon mold release agent that allows for high-precision release with a very thin coating of 0.1 – 1.0 μm for various types of rubber and thermosetting and thermoplastic resins. Using DAIFREE leads to cleaner mold surfaces because it prevents molds from becoming contaminated. This reduces the number of mold cleaning cycles and the defect ratio of molded articles, resulting in improved molding efficiency and molding precision compared to silicone or wax based mold release agents. Easy secondary processing is possible because DAIFREE does not stick to the molded article. DAIFREE uses water as the principal solvent and is a safe-for-use non-hazardous material. You can easily apply DAIFREE by spraying or brushing after dilution of 30 – 100 times with water.

    Characteristics of mold release agent DAIFREE

    • Excellent mold releasing capability
    • Very thin, dry film of 0,1 – 1,0 μm thickness
    • Oil repellency
    • Stain-proofing properties
    • Improves molding efficiency
    • Lowers defect ratio
    • Improves molding precision
    • Continued releasing capability

    Comparison to other mold release materials

    • Wax based: Thick (30 - 50 μm), solid film layer. Mold surface easily becomes contaminated
    • Silicone based: Thin (1 - 20 μm), oily film layer. Often penetrates into molded articles, making secondary processing difficult
    • DAIFREE: Very thin (0,1 - 1,0 μm), dry film layer with oil repellent and stain-proofing properties

    Available product grades:

    GW4000: Water-based mold release agent for general rubber, thermosetting resins.

    • FKM/FPM, EPDM, HNBR, NBR, CR, FRP, etc.
    • Urethane rubber, Epoxy resin, Phenol resin, PVC, etc.

    GW4500: Water-based silicone-free mold release agent for silicone rubber, synthetic rubber.

    • FKM/FPM, EPDM, HNBR, NBR, FRP, Si rubber, etc.

    FB962: Silicone-free internal mold release additive for rubber, thermosetting / thermoplastic resins.

    • FKM/FPM, EPDM, SBR, NBR, CR, etc.
    • Epoxy resin, Phenol resin, Unsaturated polyester, etc.
    • PVC, PP, PE, PA, POM, PC, etc.