Oil tank and spray appliaction of Zeffle for durable infrared reflection

IR reflective paint ZEFFLE IR:

What is DAIKIN’s ZEFFLE IR Coating and what are its benefits?

ZEFFLE IR Coating is a ready-to-use, extremely durable IR reflective paint:

  • Durability of 15-20 years
  • Lower lifetime costs by reduced maintenance frequency
  • Reduced energy consumption for air-conditioning
  • Increased comfort in buildings through passive cooling
  • Reduced evaporation in oil tanks, gas tanks, or chemical tanks
  • Water-based or solvent-based grades available

Lifetime cost of ZEFFLE IR Coating is significantly lower compared to conventional coatings: Its proven durability of 15 to 20 years means less frequent repainting:

Most available types of infrared reflective paint / IR reflective coating materials are easily damaged at outside exposure, by heat, ultraviolet rays, moisture, etc. They require frequent repainting to provide sufficient solar reflectance.

ZEFFLE IR Coating maintains its exterior appearance for many years with no degradation, even when exposed to wind and rain, because of the excellent UV durability and weather resistance its fluoropolymer base provides. As the coating remains intact, it continues to protect the substrate. This saves money by reducing the frequency of maintenance work compared to less durable coatings.

On air-conditioned buildings, ZEFFLE IR Coating helps reduce the energy consumption of the A/C system and improves comfort inside the building by passive cooling. Buildings heat up by absorbing the heat of the sunlight. Using ZEFFLE IR, the sunlight is reflected and the building heats up less. This passive cooling effect reduces the cooling load of the air-conditioning system and increases the comfort for people inside the building.

Used on oil tanks, gas tanks, or chemical tanks, ZEFFLE IR Coating reduces evaporation, lowering costs in a vapor recovery system.

How does DAIKIN’s ZEFFLE IR Coating work?

ZEFFLE IR reflective paint is a combination of an extremely durable fluorinated resin and IR reflective pigments. The selected IR reflective pigments block 90% of the sun’s radiant heat. ZEFFLE IR maintains a high level of solar reflectance for longer than other coatings because it is more resistant to soiling than any other fluoropolymer paint.

ZEFFLE IR Coating is available as water-based or solvent-based formulas and can be applied to many substrates.