PFC-free water repellent treatment Unidyne XF:

Unidyne XF provides durable water repellency (DWR) and stain release properties to textiles and nonwovens, while maintaining breathability and the original soft hand of the fabric. 

Unidyne XF - Durable PFC-free water repellency for all applications 

Unidyne XF is Daikin's environmentally friendly, fluorine-free product family of durable water repellent solutions for textiles. Unidyne XF offers excellent protection against water and water-based stains and maintains the fabric's softness and breathability.

Unidyne XF shows excellent stain repellency

The new Unidyne XF keeps its excellent performance longer than other PFC-free water repellents because of Daikin‘s Advanced Anchor Technology (patent pending). This newly developed technology anchors the protective layer of Unidyne XF to the textile and keeps it from being washed off in the washing machine. A stable link between textile and Unidyne XF is achieved, providing outstanding water repellency and higher durability against home laundering and daily wear than existing fluorine-free repellents.

Traditional PFC-containing water repellent with anchor Regular PFC-free water repellent without anchor Unidyne XF with high durability thanks to Advanced Anchor Technology

Daikin's Advanced Anchor Technology

With Daikin's Advanced Anchor Technology, Unidyne XF provides the ideal hydrophobic treatment on all kinds of materials. Bringing fluorine-free, highly durable water repellency to synthetics, blends with elasthane, cotton and cotton blends, as well as other natural fibers, Unidyne XF covers a wide range of applications in the areas of clothing, outdoor and sports, upholstery and others.

Daikin's Advanced Anchor Technology provides DWR, soft hand, high durability, stain repellency

Sustainabiliy and functionality combined

 More than 50% bio-based content. Recyclable on textiles

Unidyne XF is free of PFOA and PFAS. It combines sustainability and functionality, and exceeds the limitations of the alternatives available on the market.

With 50% bio-based content according to ASTM method D6866 and recyclability on textiles, Unidyne XF reduces the carbon footprint and ensures that the raw materials circular economy can be achieved.

All Unidyne XF products are Bluesign approved, listed on ZDHC ChemCheck and meet the criteria of Oeko-Tex Standard.

The bluesign approved logo

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