Daikin Refrigerant News - Issue 4, 2020

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In our first edition of the newsletter we would particularly like to draw your attention to our activities at this year's online Chillventa eSpecial 2020.

We are already looking forward to this highlight in the refrigerant industry calendar. And we look forward to seeing you again – even if only digitally for the time being.

We also invite you to learn more about our activities in the field of combating the illegal trade of refrigerants. You can find out more at https://stopillegalcooling.eu, a joint project of the refrigerant industry.

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Business Manager Refrigerants Daikin Chemical Europe

Daikin Chemicals at the virtual Chillventa eSpecial 2020

2020 indeed is a special year.  And so is our participation in this year’s Online Chillventa eSpecial from October 13-15.

Daikin’s Chemical and Refrigerants branches will participate in collaboration with the Daikin Air Conditioning branch at this year’s Online Chillventa eSpecial to present to you our latest news from the refrigerants sector and to provide a first-hand impression of what we are doing in order to face the ongoing market situation. Also, we want to give an illustration of how we are fighting against all current difficulties to help you protecting your business.

As in the past, Daikin is a proud participant and exhibitor at this year's Chillventa 2020.

Exclusive interview by the CHILLVENTA with Daikin Chemicals and Daikin Airconditioning Germany

CHILLVENTA and Daikin recorded an interview which will be available in the CHILLVENTA Newsroom and through various Social Media platforms right after the start of the virtual event. Our colleagues Volker Weinmann (Public Affairs Manager at Daikin Airconditioning Germany) and Felix Flohr (Technical and Regulatory Manager at Daikin Chemical Europe) will inform you about the following hot topics: 

The Illegal import and trade of F-Gas in the EU: 
In particular, they will illustrate how to battle the illegal F-gas imports & trade in Europe and what risks are implied for our sector and your business to use illegal imported F-Gases like HFC Refrigerants.

Circular Economy:
Volker Weinmann will update you on Daikin’s latest activities to promote the circular economy and what Daikin, not only as a manufacturer from HVAC equipment but also as producer of refrigerants, is doing to close the loop of refrigerants. He will tell you more about our brand new reclamation facility in Frankfurt and what we are doing to protect the environment.

EFCTC presentation about the fight against illegal imported and trade refrigerants

On October 14th, Daikin Chemicals will support EFCTC’s (European Fluorocarbons Technical Committee) presentation about the latest findings and actions regarding the fight against the illegal imports and trade of HFC refrigerants in the EU. Please check the CHILLVENTA Program for details.

Register Online for Chillventa as a Visitor

Under the CHILLVENTA motto “Connecting Experts”, our Daikin experts will also be personally available to you at the CHILLVENTA eSpecial. So if you are curious about what Daikin has been doing lately, please register for our conferences under the following link: https://www.chillventa.de/en/visitors. And if you want to know more about what Daikin Chemicals is doing every day to protect the environment, please visit: https://www.daikinchem.de/products-and-performance/refrigerants or send us an email to ‘Refrigerants@DaikinChem.de’’.

We are looking forward to e-meeting you at Chillventa!

Reducing the environmental Impact throughout the Entire Life Cycle of refrigerants

Daikin is the only comprehensive HVAC and Fluorochemical manufacturer developing everything from the refrigerant to HVAC equipment and engaging in the recovery, reclamation and destruction of refrigerants. In addition to disseminating low-global-warming-impact refrigerants worldwide, we strictly manage refrigerants during the production, after-sales, and other stages, and we recover, destroy, and reclaim refrigerants at the end of air conditioner life so that we can reduce environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle.

Recycling and Reclamation of Refrigerants are not the same thing.

Reclamation is not Recycling

But have you ever wondered whether the recycling of refrigerants is the same as the reclamation? No? Well, there is a big difference between the two, and it has a large impact on the environment and the quality of refrigerants:

When we speak of recycling we mean the basic cleaning by removal of oil and other impurities from the collected refrigerants. What is more, uncertified recycling can be harmful to equipment as there is no guarantee for the quality of the recycled refrigerant.

Reclamation on the other hand is the professional cleaning of refrigerants, performed in a facility specially designed for the cleaning and regeneration of refrigerants, which Daikin performs at its plant in the Industrial Park Höchst next to Frankfurt. Reclaimed refrigerants must always be certified under virgin material quality standards and must be properly identified and labelled. Good reclaimed products are easily traceable and should be only purchased from trustable distributors or handlers.

Learn more about Daikin’s refrigerants and visit us for more information on the efforts we undertake in order to create a truly Circular Economy at Daikin.

Study on the energy requirements of refrigeration technology: New technologies are much more efficient

The VDMA (Association of German Mechanical and Plant Engineering) has published a study commissioned by the Research Council for Refrigeration Technology eV (FKT) and the Institute for Air Treatment and Refrigeration Technology Dresden (ILK), which shows that the energy demand for refrigeration technology despite the strong increase in use of refrigeration technology in Germany has only increased by 6% in recent years.

The VDMA study entitled “Energy needs for refrigeration technology in Germany” shows technological development trends over time. It compares 2017 to 2009, the base year of the previous 2011 study.

Cooling technology by Daikin is designed for reliability with maximum energy efficiency for all types of small and large commercial applications.

While the inventory of cooling systems increased by 16% from around 125 million units to 144 million units during this time, the energy requirement only rose by 6% to 87 TWh.

A total of 84% of this energy requirement was covered by electricity and 14% of German electricity consumption was accounted for by cooling applications. Together with its non-electrical systems, refrigeration technology accounted for 5.6% of Germany's primary energy demand in 2017.

Furthermore, the study indicates that additional applications of refrigeration technology, especially in the heat pump sector, lead to an increasing demand for energy, but this can be largely offset by efficiency gains.