UNIDYNE Water & Oil Repellents are used to equip protective face masks and surgical gowns with liquid repellent properties. 

Protective masks, simple face masks as well as FFP2 masks or FFP3 masks, often have a 3- or 4-layer structure. The outer layer(s) need to have fluid repellent properties to prevent liquid aerosols, and the bacteria or viruses they may contain, from penetrating the mask. UNIDYNE products can be used to equip PP- and PES-based nonwovens with a fluid repellent finish to make them suitable for use in protective masks.

UNIDYNE for Protective Masks: Performance

  Water Repellency Water Column Alcohol Repellency Other
UNIDYNE TG-5506 yes yes yes Antistatic on PP
High Temperature Stability
UNIDYNE TG-5000 series yes yes yes Excellent Performance on all substrates


UNIDYNE for Protective Masks: Toxicological Information

  Acute Toxicity Oral: LD50 > 2000 mg / kg (Rat) No Primary Irritant Effect / Skin Corrosion (OECD 404) No Sensitizing Effect on Repiratory Or Skin (OECD 429) Germ Cell Mutagenicity: Negative (Ames Assay)
UNIDYNE TG-5506 yes yes yes yes
UNIDYNE TG-5601 yes yes yes yes

Please note: It is necessary to test the finished end product according to the toxicological requirements for the medical sector.

Find more information on the different types of and standards for face masks as well as on UNIDYNE for Protective Masks in this PDF or contact us directly at unidyne@daikinchem.de