Daikin Refrigerant News - Issue 1, 2022

Dear friends and partners of Daikin Chemicals,

Even if the year has already advanced a bit, please let me first of all wish you a Happy New Year! As in 2020, the last one was not easy for all of us, but we at Daikin are full of optimism for the future, despite all the challenges ahead.

The year 2022 will be an exciting one for sure! Be it the increased demand for climate-friendly refrigeration technology, or the fact that Germany’s new federal government is finally home to climate protection and economic development under one roof. Our industry must accompany this change attentively, constructively and, where necessary, critically. Together with you we are in good spirits for this task!

Kind regards and enjoy reading

Your Tobias Bargsten

Business Manager Refrigerants Daikin Chemical Europe

Tobias Bargsten

Daikin named a progressive global climate action company in the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) "Climate Change A List"

CDP A List 2021

In fiscal 2021, the CDP evaluated 12,000 companies and selected 200 world leading companies on climate action.

Daikin Industries, Ltd., the parent company of Daikin Chemical Europe, was recognized as a company for its outstanding work against climate change and for the disclosure of company data. This followed with the inclusion in the "A-list" of the CPD, an international non-profit environmental organization, which operates a global system for the disclosure of environmental information for companies and local politicians.

The CDP is a non-profit organization that promotes and carries out activities in which companies and local politicians are asked to disclose information on environmental issues such as climate change, water and forest protection. This is done on the basis of inquiries from global institutional investors who have a keen interest in environmental issues.

CDP evaluated 12,000 companies

The organization collects, analyzes and evaluates information on the environmental activities of large global companies and annually awards the companies that excel most for their climate protection initiatives and the provision of data. These will then be added to their "Climate Change A List". In fiscal 2021, the CDP evaluated 12,000 companies and selected 200 world leaders, including 55 Japanese. As a global manufacturer of air conditioning systems, heat pumps and refrigerants, Daikin offers its products and services using environmental technologies. The company's main business, air conditioning and heat pump technology, helps improve people's health and productivity and is part of the social infrastructure that contributes to economic development. However: The widespread use of air conditioning systems in many parts of the world also increases electricity consumption, which in turn has an impact on global warming. To encourage business growth while minimizing the impact on climate change, Daikin has created its "Environmental Vision 2050". This aims to ensure that greenhouse gas emissions from corporate activities are zero in 2050.

For Daikin, the entire value chain counts

To achieve this, the company has defined a milestone of 50% CO2 reduction for 2030, which is determined based on a comparison of business-as-usual emissions (BAU) with the 2019 financial year as the base year. In addition to measures at the production level and the development and enhancement of environmentally conscious products, the company deals with the entire value chain, including the establishment of a system for the recovery and treatment of refrigerants on the market. Motivated by this high recognition, Daikin will continue to provide a comfortable indoor climate around the world and contribute to the realization of a low-carbon society.

This year's A-list and further information on the CDP can be found here..

Daikin launches the Exigo, a CO2-cutting cold container for land transport

Daikin Exigo E1500

The Exigo E1500 is a motorized 15 kW cooling device and combines many industry innovations in one unit.

With the launch of the Exigo, Daikin made its debut as a supplier of cooling motors for large-scale transport at the Solutrans trade fair in November 2021 in Lyon.

The Exigo E1500 is a motorized 15 kW cooling device and combines many industry innovations in one unit. In addition to reliability, the Exigo offers lower energy consumption, optimized airflow for an accurate and efficient temperature, and mains-powered efficiency. In addition, the unit is characterized by less maintenance and downtime and easy operation in combination with fleet management.

Air-conditioning compressors will come equipped with inverters to control motor rotation. This system will cut a container's carbon dioxide emissions by 20% and more. Most refrigerated containers until now have gone without inverters for cost reasons. To keep costs down, Daikin repurposes components found in air-conditioning systems of buildings.

Evren Akçora, Senior Manager Transport Refrigeration at Daikin Europe: “At Daikin, we strive to be the best in our class. Our Exigo trailer unit embodies this philosophy by offering a minimum total cost of ownership and maximum reliability. All of these properties together make the Exigo a unique and comprehensive trailer unit that is designed for the challenges of tomorrow."

Watch a video by Daikin about the cutting-edge Exigo here.